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Before booking the coaching session I did not really know how to study. But then the coach taught me how to work day in and day out. Then I stopped stressing on the day before the exams. That was the biggest problem I had. Coach had answers to all my questions. I learned how to save time while going to online classes. I think I've a better place than where I was. (Translated)
2020 A/L Biology student
I got less marks for one subject at previous 2 attempts. So I think I’ve time management problem as well as I couldn’t remind quickly and write speedy. I’m quickly getting nervous when I got some difficult questions or in some different situation after that I am not be able to recover soon. This program was really helpful for manage my time. It’s was remarkable turning point of my life. The Coach has done everything well specially, he gave important ideas how to plan coming weeks. (Original testimonial)
CA student - Strategic Level
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka
Before joining the Coach's program, I had no way to do all the work. He taught me how to manage work and plan in an orderly manner. The techniques taught by the Coach were also useful to stop my YouTube Instagram addiction. Therefore, I was able to work without any problems and get good marks in the exams. (Translated)
2nd year student
Faculty of Engineering- SLIIT
I joined the coaching session when my exam stress was at its peak. I was about to give up the exam. But after the coaching session I made up my mind and took the exam. Coach can speak to anyone and motivate them. Also, when a coach takes a call, he gives us targets to cover during that week and they are very valuable. He is also capable of teaching learning techniques that are appropriate for the student and their situation. (Translated)
3rd year Student
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences - University of Ruhuna
I learnt how to study properly using correct study techniques. And it was also a great opportunity to learn how to cover the whole syllabus with the time available. Coaching was really helpful since it gave me motivation to progress on track. It was a good platform for the students who have issues in studying for exams. I would recommend anybody to get coaching since it would be a turning point in a student's life. Furthermore the video courses have helped me a lot to learn so many things like how to make an environment for studies and etc. After coaching I was no more the backward person whom I was used to be. I could keep one step forward. So I give my sincere gratitude for all the advices and guidance given throughout the coaching period. (Original testimonial)
ACCA student - Level 2
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
When I book this course, I didn't have good plan to do my works. Coach helped me to identify my weak points and he helped me to minimize my weaknesses. Learnt lots of things from this course. I think this course is a real change for my studies. If you are looking for a real change, you can join this! (Original testimonial)
2021 A/L Maths student

Pulasthi Panamgama,
Student Coach

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